My Favorite Things

It’s funny how your favorite things to do can change over time. Moreover, some of the things you use to love to do aren’t on your ‘favorite’ list anymore. Perhaps it’s because the ‘to do’ list has gotten so long. There just isn’t as much time in your daily life anymore. Or perhaps it’s simply because your interests have changed. I find there’s a bit of truth in both of these reasons for me. 

Sitting down for a great movie is something I’ve always enjoyed! Especially as of lately, I find myself more intrigued to watch a historical documentary of some sort. Besides that, give me a live show to go to and I’m there! And I love theatrical performances! 

Being outdoors, going for long walks and hanging out at the pool on a beautiful summer’s day are some of my top favorites. And if the opportunity is there to do that with my family…even better! Our family volleyball games are awesome! And we play to win! lol 

BUT, I have to say that my all-time favorite individual sport has been to waterski! There’s just something about being pulled by a boat loaded with horsepower as you skim over the top of the water. Especially driving the tension of the rope to take you out over the wake at about 33 mph on one ski. That is extremely invigorating!! I owe this to my parents, for sure! 

Every day is a new adventure. And I look forward to finding out what else will become a part of my favorite pastimes. 

-Nicole ❤️

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